Testimonials & Portfolio

“Hazel has worked for Sauce Advertising as our primary freelance proofreader for over 4 months, working hard to correct our poor grammar, check our inconsistent spacing and most importantly to fix our numerous typos. Hazel fitted in with the team so well that we happily await her return to Sauce for our next menu season. Hazel has been a pleasure to work with and I can recommend her to any agency looking to proofread documents of any size, shape or form.”

  • Fiona McEwan, Sauce Advertising


“Hazel crossed our company’s path in 2021. Finding Hazel was like finding a treasure in a field.  Her Transcription Services are amongst the best in South Africa.  Being involved with Qualitative Research we come across many Transcribers, and I have to say Hazel from WHICHWORDWORKS is amongst the top 10. Her attention to detail, pride in her work, and working under incredible time pressure are three combinations rarely found. I would not hesitate to recommend Hazel to anyone in search of excellent Transcription Services.”

  • Irene de Wet, MarketBase Research


“I had the privilege of working with Hazel this past week [Dec 2021] for overflow work and WOW, if ever someone could keep a calm head and work through a project it is Hazel. I was so excited to meet someone who is prepared to go the extra mile and who also shows so much passion in their work, and she totally lights up when she speaks about her business. I am looking forward to working with Hazel again. Highly recommended! Thank you Hazel.”

  • Jade Jacobs, Orbe Studio


“Not only did you proofread my MBA Thesis and PhD Dissertation, you read and corrected with clarity and understanding and even pointed out contradictions and duplications. You went far above and beyond my expectation of proofreading. You also diligently curbed my overuse of commas. I’m so grateful! Everyone should use your vital services!”

  • Natasha Rose, King’s College, London


“It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Hazel Hardie as an expert in her field and truly a professional businesswoman. I have worked with Hazel on a few occasions, and she never once disappointed me. Her professionalism and knowledge about her services is outstanding. Her level of creativity and positive energy when working with people is quite rare among business owners. Every client I referred to Hazel was blown away by her quality of service. Hazel’s wide range of intellect and passion for what she does is truly inspiring. She is a humble, passionate, and thought-provoking Editor, and I trust she will go far in making our world a better place.”

  • Bertus de Wet, The High Performance Mindset


“Hazel’s work is fantastic; there is a desperate need for her skill set. Bad grammar can put clients off as they think you have not cared enough to take the time to do it right. By bringing Hazel onboard to pick up and fix even the tiniest grammar problem, you can be sure you’re putting forward the best version of your business.”

  • Elise Kreusch, Africa by Heart


“Perfect work Hazel A+++++++++++++”

  • Revival, via freelance website


“This freelancer is awesome. She delivers her work on time and we have good communication.”

  • Angeline. L, via freelance website


“I’ve been working with Hazel for over 2 years. She’s the best proofreader I’ve worked with to date. She’s always on time, reliable and detail-oriented which is so important for this job. She’s also willing to assist if I’ve additional questions after her work is completed. Her rate is reasonable and she provides some light editing which helps improve the quality of the writing. I’ve always enjoyed working with Hazel because her work is exemplary and she has an excellent work attitude. Besides my own books, she has also done quite a number of proofreading for my clients’ works and they’re very satisfied with her work so far.”

  • Kate Chen, freelance writer, Jul 2019


“Very professional and punctual.”

  • Rohit, via freelance website


“I have written and published eight books on Amazon and Kindle, all of which have been proofread by Hazel. With her uncanny eye for detail and amazing memory, Hazel was able to pick up and identify numerous errors; from missing commas, spelling mistakes (even after Spell Check), capitals, problems with timelines and in one case to correct a character’s Christian name when I used a different name several chapters after I first introduced the character.

I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending Hazel for any proofreading assignment.”

  • James Page, author The Circle Series (4 Books), The Detective Toni Fourie Series (2 Books), Phantom Gold and Dangerous Medicine.


“Perfect like the previous job. Seriously, if you’re looking for a professional and efficient proofreader, just hire Hazel. You won’t be disappointed. Her attention to detail is top-notch. She is definitely my No. 1 proofreader for all future projects. Thanks again for such great quality work and super fast too.”

  • KC, via freelance website



A snippet of a few of the clients I have worked with, and some of the books (novels & business books) that I have edited.